Lillian Alexander

From jamming with The Grateful Dead to singing at a talent show with Marvin Holmes & The Uptights at age 12, Lillian is as versatile a singer as they come. Music was a huge part of the Alexander household. Her two brothers are musicians, so Lillian grew up singing at a young age. Drummer Harold Alexander is blind, although you wouldn't believe this hearing him play. In The 1970's, Lillian lived at Haight & Ashbury in San Francisco. Hippie Hill was the place for musicians to gather and make music. The top of the hill was difficult for the police to get to. On Saturday & Sunday Hippie Hill near Golden Gate Park was the scene for music, smoking pot, drinking Spinata Wine and jamming. Lillian continued to sing throughout the late 70s anywhere she could; Dive bars, dingy nightclubs & neighborhood jam sessions. A chance meeting at the famous Carnelian Room in San Francisco with Paul Reynolds in 1980 opened the door for Lillian to record a full-length album. Let Love Take A Holiday was recorded and produced on the Reynolds Records label (Quinn Harris, Steve Marshall, Steve Parks, San Francisco Express, Celest Hardie, De La Vel).